Richard, thank you very much. Your presentation was the most intriguing and engaging safety presentation I have seen. I have some refreshing ideas to build off of that will engage our troops.

Edward T. Schuler - Schuler-Haas Electric Corp. President / COO February 9, 2022

This was the most impactful presentation I have listened to in my career at Kennedy Tank, and Rich's first-hand experience on the benefits of pre-planning, safety huddle meetings, weekly audits, safety observation planning, near-miss reporting, and much more was extremely valuable.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker to come speak to your team, I highly recommend you reach out to Rich for it is the best hour our team has spent in quite some time.

Jim Kennedy Kennedy Tank & Manufacturing Company Inc. Sales Manager August 12, 2021

Rich, I just wanted to reach out and thank you.  I called my wife during our break and told her I just had an hour that changed my life.  I’ll never step on a job site the same way again.

Jeff Olson Project Manager / Estimator Alpine Demolition Services February 13, 2020

Rich's speech "hit me on a spiritual level as well as professional"

Nicole Deren, CRIS® Contract/Project Administrator & Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist Keith Construction, Inc. November 18, 2019

Rich / Karen,

Thank you so much. I’ve had multiple employees tell me that your presentation was the most impactful story they’ve ever heard.

Anthony Marcon, Vice President R.H. Marcon, Inc. March 30, 2019

Rich, thank you for coming out and speaking to us. It was such a powerful message that touched a lot of individuals in that room.

Michael Crist Superintendent NPL Construction March 22, 2019

Rich is awesome, his speech is spot on and so impactful on so many levels. A must see!!!

Curtis Kochman Senior Vice President of Programs - Liaison to London at Vital Insurance Partners January 29, 2019

Have you ever been met with resistance from your employees when it's time to complete their daily JHA? Don't worry you're not alone. Last year, our company was going through that very same struggle... That was until we invited Richard McElhaney CSP, CRIS, MS to speak to our guys about the importance of completing their JHAs and the real consequences that occur when corners are cut on the job. Now, I am proud to say, our crews are ALL on board with this important step.

Brianna Kline MS, MA, CSP, SPHR Chief Risk Officer Casper Colosimo & Son, Inc & Casilli Corporation January 28, 2019

Rich, What a powerful keynote speaker you were at the 2015 ASSE Future Safety Leaders Conference. Your speech, “The Real Cost of Safety” focuses on the impact of a day at work gone badly for the crew, the injured employee and specifically their family. Your speech dovetailed with the comments by Society President Elect Thomas F. Cecich, CSP, CIH on the professional importance of emotional moments of our lives. In fact, your speech created just that emotional learning moment for the almost 200 students in attendance. As all professionals should be aware, your incident highlights the importance of proper pre-task planning and the additional oversight when work pressures are at their highest. Your personal commitment to the future leaders of our profession is commendable.

Mike Sample MS, CSP, CDS Course Director - Commercial Auto & Transportation at Liberty Mutual Insurance November 23, 2015

Rich’s presentation is a must see for all employees at every level of your organization. His passion toward employee safety is contagious.

Jason Malatak; CSP, MBA Director of Risk Management at Mosites Construction Company January 8, 2010