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Marko Kaar
Director of Safety Operations
Bartlett Brainard Eacott


Marko Kaar has been working in the construction industry since 1983, and focused on construction safety as a career since 1989. He has worked with and for contractors large and small, around the country – consulting, training, motivating, and driving the message of life, health, and safety as core values of any organization. His varied background and field experience give him a unique outlook on the concepts of safety culture, risk management, and employee engagement. Equally at home in the field or in the boardroom, he continually presses for change and improvement in our fast-paced industry.  Marko is also founder of

Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D.
Director & Founder
JMA Human Reliability Strategies, LLC
Many companies try to eliminate errors, but can’t.  Jake shows leaders in high-hazard industries like yours why errors are signals, not failures, and how to address the deeper problem, so that your teams can work more reliably and safely.  He served as the Human Performance (HP) Lead of a 3,600 person business unit of Dominion Energy.  Since becoming a professional speaker in 2015, Jake has led over 400 workshops and presentations on: reducing errors, improving processes, building resilience, leading After Action Reviews (AARs), creating Psychological Safety, improving Situational Awareness, and taking a Learning-Based approach to errors.  He has worked with: the US Department of Energy, Chevron, Energy Safety Canada, and dozens of private firms who prefer to remain anonymous.  Jake has personally served on high-reliability teams as a firefighter, an EMT and a military paratrooper.
To learn more, watch this 2-minute video.
Contact Jake at or at 804-301-2063.