You are invited to join me for a candid discussion on the effects of traumatic injuries, not only on the employee, but on the family, coworkers, and the company.

We will delve into Knowledge, Communication, Accountability, Support, and Doing the Right Thing as they relate to “The Real Cost of Safety”.


Rich McElhaney CSP, CRIS, MS
Founder, The Real Cost of Safety

The Real Cost of Safety

Join Rich for a thorough examination of six proven accident reduction techniques that have had the most profound impact over his 30 years in the health and safety field. He will provide you with the tools and encouragement to implement any or all of these techniques in your own organization.

Rich will revisit the importance of the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) as a preplanning tool and the pivotal role a JSA has in preventing workplace incidents and injuries.

“JSA’s have been around for many years, but their use has become complacent on many projects globally. JSA’s should be considered your company safety language and everyone must be taught how to speak your safety language. ”

Rich will review,  in vivid detail, a life changing injury that occurred on one of his projects and how the use of JSA’s would have prevented the injury and how the JSA process turned things around.

Can you answer ``yes`` to these five questions?

  • Does your Company really pre-plan for safety?
  • Does management recognize the commitment it takes to create a genuine safety culture?
  • Do your managers understand the consequences their day to day actions can have on the safety of your employees?
  • Is a cost/benefit relationship established by management when considering and supporting a zero-harm safety culture?
  • Does your safety culture define the importance of a “near miss”?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, Rich can show you what the real costs are to your people, their families and to your organization.

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