Date Details
02/09/2022 Lawley Captive Group; Complete Structure WNY Peer Group
Buffalo, NY
02/11/2022 Bi-Con Services
Derwent, OH
02/19/2022 PBC Companies
Brea, CA
02/25/2022 Captive Resources; Boulder Insurance Group
Dallas, TX
Cuba, NY
02/28/2022 Kehoe Construction
Norristown, PA
03/03/2022 Bothar Construction LLC
Binghamton, NY
03/07/2022 GEMCO Constructors
Indianapolis, IN
03/08/2022 West Central Ohio Safety Council – Online
03/24/2022 Captive Resources; Aspire Casualty, Ltd.
Denver, CO
04/06/2022 Captive Resources; Federated Group
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
04/08/2022 Captive Resources; Raffles Insurance Limited Group
St. Louis, MO
04/22/2022 Lobar, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA
05/05/2022 Captive Resources; Evolution
Charlotte, NC
05/19/2022 Captive Resources; Archway RCWS
San Antonio, TX
07/14/2022 Captive Resources; Pathway Insurance Company
Charlotte, NC
11/04/2022 2022 Excellence in Construction and Safety Gala; Associated Builders and Contractors of SoCal
Orange County, CA
11/17/2022 Captive Resources; Mac Casualty LTD.
Scottsdale, AZ